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We focus on what we do best and create value for our business partners & clients.

As a company that started from scratch, we know that consistently creating value for our partners and clients is the only thing we need to be fully committed to. And for the past 12 years, that’s also what we’ve accomplished.

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As one of the professional companies focused on the non-ferrous metal business, Raytron defines itself as a technology-driven company.

non-ferrous Metal developpment

Thanks to our partnership with national labs& institutions and top universities in China, Raytron has successfully helped our clients from all over the world with their Non-Ferrous Metal development needs.

Non-ferrous Metal Wire & strip

Raytron established 2 manufacturing plants to provide our clients with high quality metal& bimetallic wire and strip products.

Supply Chain management

Thanks to the trust of our customers and partners, which enabled Raytron to build and manage the China-based supply chain of non-ferrous products for them.

Raytron builds you the bridge with China.

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We understand the nature of business and we are committed to making it a win-win situation for our suppliers and customers

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