Titanium Fiber Felt for PEM& AEM Electrolysis stack and Fuel cell LGDL 

Titanium Fiber Felt for PEM Electrolysis stack and Fuel cell LGDL

Titanium fiber felt is suitable for LGDL (liquid/gas diffusion layer) in hydrogen production and Fuel cell stack.

As a highly promising material for a PEM electrolyzer, titanium fiber felt provides high thermal/ electrical conductivities and excellent mechanical properties. For example, high corrosion resistance at high positive overpotential, even in highly acidic and humid conditions.

Carbon based materials, are typically used in LGDL of PEMFCs. Such as graphite bipolar plates, carbon paper, and carbon cloth. While, they are unsuitable in the anode of LGDL, due to the high anodic potential that occurs during electrolysis operation as they will create a highly oxidative environment, which corrodes the carbon and results in poor interfacial contacts. Then, the efficiency of the cell will decrease. In order to resolve this issue, materials (titanium felt) with a high corrosion resistance are required.

Material: Titanium
Size: ≤1500*1200mm

Fiber size: 20 micron -40 micron
Thickness:0.20mm, 0.25mm, 0.40mm, 0.60mm
Porosity:60% – 75%

※ Porosity and Size can be customized.

Titanium fiber felt process
  • Three-dimensional grid porous structure and Strong corrosion resistance
  • Optimal electrolysis performance or Uniform pore size distribution
  • High porosity and current density
  • Pore Graded Felt Available

  • Titanium felt for Liquid/ Gas diffusion layer (LGDL)
  • Hydrogen absorber and Hydrogen-rich water dispenser
  • Diffusion layer of hydrogen fuel cell stack
  • Hydrogen production by PEM water electrolysis
Titanium fiber felt for PEM LGDL and fuel cell 2
Application of titanium fiber felt LGD,PEM hydrogen stack, fuel cell
Electrolyzer performance with different LGDL thickness

Electrolyzer performance with different LGDL thickness

Electrolyzer performance with different anode LGDL porosity

Electrolyzer performance with different anode LGDL porosity

Performance of different substrates GDL

Performance of different substrates

Electrical performance of our Titanium felt LGDL


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